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Food Security Saturday

In partnership withthe Calgary Family Peer Connections, we are bringing Food Security Saturday to
the community of Coalhurst. The food is completely free. Everyone can access this event.
Where does th e food come from? The CFPC has kindly rescued the food from local business's around
southern Alberta to ensure it does not end up in landfills. The foodgiven is not always perfect
and can not be sold, so rather then let any of it go to waste• it has been extended to
thiscommunity! The CFPC b el ieves in Shredding Mental Health Stigmas during the COVID• 19
pandemic by distributi ng food to everyone regardlessof their socioeconomic status, and that all
individuals should have equal access to necessities . In a country where 2 million tons of food is
wasted each year, we are helping divert food from the landfills and get it into the hands of some
folks that willuse it . For some people it makes a difference in beingable to use a little extra
money for necessities, such as ren t, fuel andclothing. For others it may give them peace of mind
they are reducing waste, and for some it gives them a little something extra to share with a
friendor a neighbou.rIn all cases it is going to good use and not being wasted.
The CFPC aims to meet short term food needs and provide basic mental health support, with agoal of
bridging service gaps, connecting individual s to local resources and agencies, and decreasing
adverse affects of the pandemic.

Where: Miners Memorial Park -2nd Street Coalhurst

When: February 13, 2021 

Time: 1:00-3:00 PM

Who: EVERYONE!! Proof of Coalhurst Residency Required

COVID Protocols:  

  • Drive Thru Only

  • Please remain in your vehicle the entire time.  We will gladly bring items to you and place them in your vehicle.

  • Masks Required

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