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March 18

Dear CES Parents: 


Re: Important Update to Retrieving Student Personal Possessions AND CHROMEBOOK DEVICES!


Coalhurst Elementary has revised our procedures for the pick-up and drop off of school items. Please note the following:


  1. Pick-up will now take place on Thursday, March 19th from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm. We hope that extending our pick-up hours will assist those who need to be at work in the daytime. At this time we are not running a pick-up on Friday. 

  2. We will initiate ALL pick-up from the FRONT DOORS ONLY. 

  3. One parent per child may come and pick up supplies. Multiple parents may come for multiple children of the same family. A limited number of parents will be permitted in the school at the same time as per AHS. Please be prepared to wait outside or in your vehicles during busy periods. 

  4. We do not want students in the building for this pick-up process. 

  5. At the front door parents will be asked if they NEED a Chromebook device. These devices are scarce and are only for those in need. They are not intended to be supplementary devices in the home. Those wishing to check out a Chromebook MUST sign the digital agreement and may do so through School Cash Online. A station for completing this documentation will be available through Barb in the office on Thursday. 

  6. Upon receiving a Chromebook device, or if parents indicate that they do not need a device, they will be directed to the gymnasium. 

  7. In the gymnasium parents will claim possessions for each of their children. These will be organized by classroom. 

  8. Parents will exit through the gymnasium doors. Parent flow must continue smoothly and quickly through peak periods. We anticipate bottlenecks in the early hours and late hours to retrieve items, however, we have chosen to avoid time windows so that we can support the schedules of working parents. 

  9. Lost and found will be available in the gymnasium. Personal possessions or lost and found items not retrieved may be kept in the gym for a period of time or they may be donated or thrown away. If you absolutely cannot attend on Thursday you will need to email each teacher and we can try to accommodate though there are no guarantees. 

  10. Library books, levelled reading books, and other school items may be dropped off in a box in the hallway.

  11. If you do not feel that the items your child has at the school are essential then you do not need to come to the school unless you have items to give back.


    1. Preschool pick-up is from 9:00 am -3:30 pm.

    2. Preschool parents will come specifically to the preschool doors. Someone will be there to welcome you in the school. We do ask that parents bring back bookbags/backpacks at this same time. Preschool parents will then need to exit the building and come to the front doors to retrieve any other items. 

    3. Preschool parents are asked to bring back backpacks and book bags. 


Thank you everyone! I know that everyone has some incredibly difficult days ahead. We will overcome these challenges together. Stay tuned for more updates. Take care.  


Chris McIntyre 

CES Principal

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