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Evan West

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Grade 3/4 Teacher

Hello, young learners and families of CES! It brings me great joy to share a little about my journey as an elementary teacher. My adventure began as I stepped into the world of education, serving as an officer and later a civilian instructor at the Penhold Air Base. There, I had the privilege of guiding air cadets on exciting paths of leadership, aviation, and music.


As my own learning voyage continued, I earned my music degree and then pursued an Education degree with a special focus on Early Childhood Development at the University of Lethbridge in 2019. I did my final education practicum at CES, with my journey leading me full circle back to CES, where I embarked on my first public teaching job. Returning to CES again has filled me with a sense of nostalgia, as well as excitement and anticipation for the year to come!


Throughout my teaching adventure, I've had the wonderful opportunity to educate and inspire students across Southern Alberta. I've donned the hats of both a classroom teacher and a substitute teacher, working with students from kindergarten to grade 12. One of my greatest joys is using my diverse background to create immersive learning experiences that ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in my students.


In my classroom, the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. I believe in crafting an environment where students are the captains of their own learning "ship." Together, we steer our course through exploration and discovery, allowing interests and needs to guide us. From designing full body thermal suits to imagining and building our own space bases, there's always an element of surprise and excitement waiting for you in my class!


Outside the classroom, I'm a proud father to a 2-year-old explorer named Luke and a loving husband to my wife Stefanie. Our family thrives on adventure.  We just recently returned from a journey through Germany and Holland. When I'm not exploring the world or shaping young minds, you'll find me indulging in hobbies like carpentry, hiking, playing instruments, animal care and embracing the world of technology to enhance our learning experience.


As we set sail into this new school year, I'm filled with anticipation for the incredible journey ahead. If you ever have questions or simply want to connect, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or stop by my classroom. Looking forward to an exciting and enriching year at CES—see you soon!