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Peanut Free School

Re: Shift to Peanut-Free Environment at Coalhurst Elementary School


To ensure the safety of all students, we will begin the process of implementing the peanut ban
immediately. While we cannot guarantee the complete absence of all peanut products in our
school, by the time we return from the break on February 26th, our school will strive to be
fully peanut-free.
This policy is specific to peanuts, however, it is important to note that peanuts are often
processed in similar settings as nuts.

This policy will remain in effect until the end of the
school year (June 2024) and as part of our Allergy Awareness Policy, we will reassess it next
year based on the needs of our students. We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation
in ensuring the well-being of all our students.


Please follow this link for more information.

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